Gel Delivery Solutions:
a unique delivery platform for advanced therapeutics
Thermo Reversible Gel Technology for the extended delivery of biologicals, DNA/RNAi and cells via minimal invasive procedures. Novel, yet based on proven principles for those skilled in the art.
Unique features of the delivery platform will be:
✻    Liquid injection of active agents with gel-setting in situ
        (i.e. subcutaneous, joints, enclosed spaces, spinal discs)
✻    Full and safe degradability
✻    Slow release through surface erosion
✻    No chemical bonding of the polymer matrix to the therapeutic agent
✻    Low swelling compared to other systems, beneficial for Brain, Spine or
        Ophthalmic settings
A composition-of-matter patent family and a world class team of experts make this early stage technology platform a very attractive opportunity for BioPharma partners and Drug-Device investors alike.
Gel Delivery Solutions