Spinal Bliss:
Block buster product to regenerate inter-vertebrate discs
This company emerges around a clinically approved growth factor with a new indication for spinal disc regeneration.
A block buster opportunity in a rapidly unfolding market.
Small animal models are currently being tested. First Human trials can be expected between three and four years from now, with relatively small numbers of patients required to prove efficacy.
Extensive toxicity and safety studies have been done and can be licensed in. Strong science and development teams are in place, three patient target-groups identified, while patent landscape, FTO and sourcing is clear. Application patents and strong Composition-of-Matter patent has been filed.
Requires ‘normal’ BioPharma development routes including licensing-in, but many steps for this molecule have already been well-trodden.
Invest all the way; not for the faint hearted.
Spinal Bliss