Spinal Bliss:
Block buster product to regenerate inter-vertebrate discs
2007-10-01 20:21:10 +0200
This company emerges around a clinically approved growth factor with a new indication for spinal disc regeneration.
A block buster opportunity in a rapidly unfolding market.
Small animal models
Eye Tube:
a small device ready to deliver drugs in the eye
Product development for localised ophthalmic drug delivery using a temporary implant, initially aimed at front-of-eye diseases (6 billion US$ in drugs and 6 billion US$ in devices in 2005).
Gel Delivery Solutions:
a unique delivery platform for advanced therapeutics
Thermo Reversible Gel Technology for the extended delivery of biologicals, DNA/RNAi and cells via minimal invasive procedures. Novel, yet based on proven principles for those skilled in the art.
The Foundation
Branching Tree Ltd. has been founded in January 2007 by Mike de Leeuw (47). Mike founded and managed DSM Biomedical Materials in 2004-2006, and he initiated the 90 million Euro Dutch government
Where to find us
Branching Tree Ltd. is registered in the Chamber of Commerce in Maastricht, The Netherlands.
Registration number: KVK 14096227
We are located just South East of Maastricht, in Mheer.
Our address