Eye Tube:
a small device ready to deliver drugs in the eye
Product development for localised ophthalmic drug delivery using a temporary implant, initially aimed at front-of-eye diseases (6 billion US$ in drugs and 6 billion US$ in devices in 2005).
Basically it is a very thin, very flexible tube that can contain and release various drugs. It is made out of guide wire material and processes, and it uses polymer coatings and other polymer constructs to carry and release drugs in the eye. Placing and removing it is simple, as it sits just behind the lower eye lid.
It improves therapy compliance, takes away the high professional costs of administration (the bottle is cheap, the nurses are expensive!), while ophthalmologists themselves can bill for the device, instead of the pharmacy.
Animal trials and human compliance testing have been done, and exclusive manufacturing is in place next to a well-structured patent & IPR-portfolio. Two competent clinical teams on either side of the Atlantic are ready and eager to take the product further in drug delivery demo trials. This temporary implant is ready for patients using customer’s drugs, either novel or generic.
Eye Tube is now looking for focussed development partnerships an company investments.
Eye Tube